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BIGBANG- A fool of tears making

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Big Bang Last Farewell making

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BIGBANG: A Fool’s Only Tears → Fantastic Baby

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not even trying, tabu

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favorite mvs of 2012 : big bang’s fantastic baby
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YG’s MV in 2012

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such a flawless set *0*

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Monster MV Symbolism Pt. 2.


Media and “Fans”

Media and “Fans” in my opinion, got some of the most interesting symbolism in the MV. In the beginning of the MV, we see an unknown person, with super senses, attempt to make an escape from this prison they are being held in, only to be shot at and driven underground, into the facility itself. 

It turns out to be GD. The rest of Big Bang is already underground and as they make their way through the facility, it shows they are being watched. This in all sense should be the media right?

It isn’t. The media is the prison. They are the ones shooting at GD, driving him underground. The ones watching on the cameras, are the “fans.” These are the people who sit and watch as the media makes an experiment of the people they are supposed to be fans of and do nothing. They are faceless and without emotion which the complete opposite thing that fans are supposed to be. They are in a sense, anti fans. 

To the media, Big Bang is an experiment. They plan on keeping them trapped in the prison which is the person that they think is acceptable for them to be and when they turn into “monsters” or try to be themselves to escape, they attempt to destroy them and send them underground further into the prison that they have made for them. 

As Big Bang makes their way through the prison, they encounter faceless mannequins, that they destroy. This symbolizes those “fans” the ones that were supposed to be there to protect them, accept them, and set them free. But they stood by and did nothing, so Big Bang destroys them. They are not fans, and they do not deserve Big Bang’s kindness or mercy. 

After this, the prison starts to fold inside itself. I thought this was the most symbolic because the media can no longer survive without the “fans” as it has no one to watch it’s experiment, and so it starts to destroy itself from the inside out, trapping Big Bang inside of it.

But Big Bang has become “monsters” so they cannot be destroyed. They have reached an enlightenment and GD emerges from the destroyed building, unharmed, which symbolizes that the media cannot destroy him, and will only end up destroying themselves if they continue to do so. He’s still alive and will continue to be (pun intended). 

He also comes out not in monster form, because he as made peace with that side of himself and now both the monster and the man are one.

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Happy 1800th day, my dears ♥

that smile in the third frame is not faked and princess ji wonderful to see you here today

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Fave MV scenes: BIGBANG- Bad Boy

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